Solo Professionals and Micro Businesses

If you own a small businesses but you're just doing the work of your business, and never getting to the juicy stuff, you're missing out on the richness of life! Chances are you’re working too hard for too little.

There is absolutely a better way - join me and a group of bright savvy local business owners who are creating the business they always wanted.

Using my Powerfully Effective Business Blueprint I’ll show you how to get more and better customers, how to put more money in your own pocket and how to have a smooth structure. Now that's MORE FUN!

You'll Discover...  

  • How to run your business more simply - with less stress and worry and without it taking over your life.
  • How to stop desperately looking for “one more” client, and attract a flood of "A" grade clients.
  • Your ideal role - what YOU do in your business that has the greatest IMPACT and the greatest REWARD... and makes being in business a lot more FUN.
  • 3 tell-tale signs that money is an issue and needs fixing fast - and HOW to fix them.
  • What's wrong with the traditional way of selling and how to make more sales without feeling icky and dirty.