If your business is stuck in neutral it might LOOK like you’re making money. It might LOOK like you’re busy, but things might not be as they seem.

If you could “REINVENT” YOUR BUSINESS, pull it apart and put it back together, what would it look like? What’s missing? What do you need to make it better? 

What if you and I got together for ONE remarkable day of digging deep in your business to reinvigorate, redesign and renovate it like a “Blocktacular” Make-over? 

We’d be digging DEEP...

  • To find the money you’re leaving on the table
  • To claw back the outrageous hours you spend working in your business 
  • To get your life and your family back in alignment
  • To map out a Plan of Action for the next 12 months; practical get-it-done-now campaigns, strategies and tactics to start seeing results.
  • To find out what you are amazingly good at (even if you don’t know it yet!) Did you know you have an ideal Wealth Profile? We’re going to find out what it is so you can take on the roles you are naturally best at and work in your flow.
  • To get things sorted in one big hit; work out what’s important, what’s not, get the game plan for the year, so you can play your heart out this year and get RESULTS, not excuses by December. 

Let me get straight to the point:

Together, we can Reinvent Your Business in just ONE DAY. This special offer with the $2500 BONUS is only available between 1st Apr and 30th Apr 2017.

This is like a “Blocktacular” makeover – and it has some rules.

It is only available for 5 (five) businesses so you’ll need to be quick! Entry to “Reinvent Your Business” is not automatic – it will be based on merit, your business and your determination. We’ll need to talk first.

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There is a significant investment for this day… not outrageous considering the benefit you’ll get but not in the hundreds of dollars either. You’ll be required to complete some pre-work and some post-work. You’ll get what you need to set yourself up for a prosperous and very enjoyable 2017. AND you’ll get the $2500 BONUS.

If you want to be one of the 5 businesses we’ll set up a time to discuss the details. It’s not for everyone, but it might be for you.

CLICK THE BUTTON above or below to book a 15 min Discovery Call with Pauline Bright

What if you don’t do this and just learn as you go?

Well you could, you might be doing it now. But how do you KNOW the things you are doing are the RIGHT things and not just the BUSY things?

The worst thing you can do in business is put a lot of time and effort into things that don't make you money and don’t head you in the direction you want to go. I'd hate for you to do that for another year.

Let’s develop your business muscles for 2017. Make everything you do count - stop guessing, start knowing! 

  • You’ll invest a day with me – we’ll map out a plan for your year ahead - the business and financial plan and the marketing plan. It won’t be boring – I can GUARANTEE that. This is your future we’re mapping out. It will get you on track, excited and get your life back.
  • You’ll do some pre-work; nothing too arduous – everything is templated and takes maybe an hour or two of thinking time.
  • We’ll do everything I promised above AND you’ll get the genuine $2,500 BONUS – a month’s coaching one on one with me to ask questions, stay on track and make sure everything is implemented. 


Remember, I only have 5 places on offer - this is a "one off" – special and different to my usual coaching programs.

I'll be running the program in the short space of time between 1st of April and 30th of April. As long as you book in this time frame you will get the $2500 BONUS.

If you know you are ready for a brighter future let’s talk.

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We will organise a phone meeting to discuss the details. 


Pauline Bright